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Jewelry is enthralling, unifying, expressive, characteristically valuable and a definitive status symbol. Jewelry adds brilliance. The choice of the right piece of jewelry is unquestionably pivotal because jewelry is not merely decorative, but also carries a story. Vairra is well known for its superior collection in Tirupur and its expert service. Put your trust in an experienced jeweler at our stores, and feel free to wonder at our collection here. Let yourself be inspired.

Vairra has been creating beautifully crafted necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendants for decades. As our sleek and chic collection shows, Vairra designs are imaginative but always in keeping with our rich traditional and aesthetic style; they never age. Vairra is for those seeking spectacular beauty, style and the very best in design. And to add, we customize to your wishes and ideas.



Vairra offers exclusive diamonds and timeless pieces of jewelry in exceptional designs that reflect style, sophistication and elegance. Explore our state–of–the art showroom and immerse yourself in the ultimate luxury offered.


For the distinct you

Vairra is the new age brand for the new generation from the house of Cibi Diamonds who has been creating beautiful designs for over 29 years. With extensive expertise in diamonds, gemstones and pearls, combined with exquisite craftsmanship, our designers are skilled to craft your dream designs to perfection. For the most pleasant jewelry experience like no other, visit us at VAIRRA to see the difference..